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I have a stock rails 3.1 application, and have been struggling with organising my sass files in folders.

  • If I create a manifest file that imports foo.css.scss, and I put foo.css.scss in a sub folder, the file is not imported.

  • If I put both the manifest and foo.css.scss in the subfolder, then foo.css.scss is found, however images referenced in the css are not found, unless I move back a directory.


body {background-image:url('paper.gif');} // Not found.
body {background-image:url('../paper.gif');} // found.

What is the correct way to use subfolders with SASS and Rails?

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Try this:

body {background-image:image-url('paper.gif');}

http://guides.rubyonrails.org/asset_pipeline.html chapter 2.2.2

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I put all my images in the assets/images folder instead of subfoldering them in a css/stylesheets directory hidden from other image files.

I'd assume your bullet point #2 with moving images to the folder i mentioned should work regardless of what sledgehammer you are using to complicate simple CSS.

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I also put all my images are in the assets/images folder, and that is where they reside in the example given above. –  pingu Aug 29 '12 at 12:45

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