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I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. When I am building my application in Debug mode, it is producing an EXE file (like it is supposed to be doing). But then (which is very surprising for me), when I change the mode from Debug to the Release mode, the compiler builds the application as a .DLL file?

I have only very recently started to use Visual Studio 2010, so don't know my way around it yet. How do I fix this so that when it is compiling in Release mode, to build the application as an .exe file ?

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Set your project type to Windows Application.

In the IDE, right click on your project, and select Properties. Configuration Properties->General->Configuration Type set to 'Application (.exe)'

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In project options you should be able to choose whether you're building a .DLL or .EXE. I thought these were the same for all configurations, but you can check to see for yourself.

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No, they are not necessarily the same. –  SinisterMJ Aug 29 '12 at 11:02

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