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I Have a table named geofences which stores geometry of Polygon type in column named geometry. I to update the Polygon by removing only one point from the exsisting geometry. For this I Have used the query:

 UPDATE gfe_geofences
   SET geometry = ST_RemovePoint(geometry, ST_NPoints(ST_GeomFromText(
                     'POINT(23.1446787840563 96.002746420167)', 0) ) - 1)
   WHERE is_active = true
     AND ST_IsClosed(the_geom) = true;

But it gives me the error:

ERROR: lwline_deserialize: attempt to deserialize a line which is really a Invalid type

Can you please help me in updating the geometry.

Thanks In Advance.

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What version of PostGIS? Is geometry a LineString type? What is the_geom, or is that a typo for geometry (or vice versa)? – Mike T Sep 4 '12 at 3:57
PostGIS 9.1 , No geometry is of Polygon type , For LineString ST_Remove is working file the_geom is a column (Ignore this condition AND ST_IsClosed(the_geom) = true;) – Satish Sharma Sep 6 '12 at 8:05

ST_RemovePoint will only work with linestrings ( see What I would do, use ST_Boundary to get the boundary of your polygon, call ST_RemovePoint on that, then use ST_MakePolygon to construct a new polygon.

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