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how to use jquery in zend form? I am using zend studio 9 as editor and i'll include jquery library but i don't know how to use it to validate zend form. i found tutorial but they include zendx_jquery but there's no this type of library in zend studio.

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i know this is silly question but i can't get answer. so i posted here. there's no need to vote down!! if you know then answer it otherwise leave it – udgeet patel Aug 29 '12 at 11:20
The thing is: jQuery and Zend_Form has nothing to do with your IDE. You should post what you've tried so far too. Are you already familirized with ZF and jQuery? Just make a XHR request to the controller you want... that's all. No need for ZendX_JQuery. I've not downvoted, but I should have ;) – Keyne Viana Aug 29 '12 at 12:08
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You use jQuery the same way you would in any other application. If you are interested in ZendX, you will have to download the full Zend framework package from Then search for the ZendX folder and add it to your project library. Personnally, I don't use it but you could start there. If you simply want to use jQuery for your form validation, I strongly recommend the following video: . This is what I use for any client-side validation in my forms.

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Suppose that $form is your Zend_Form. Set an onSubmit attribute like so:

$form->setAttrib('onclick', 'yourJavascriptValidationFunction()');

or, alternatively, give your form an id or classname (also with setAttrib() ), and bind the validation function in JavaScript directly on the element.

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