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I am happily using groovy to define configuration plugins for some plugins. But I have a problem with tomcat-maven-plugin : property values defined by groovy are not used.

(Dummy) Example :

                      project.properties["testhostfqdn"] = "toto";
                      println "testhostfqdn : " + project.properties["testhostfqdn"];

With this example :

  • the configuration of the surefire plugin is correctly defined (${testhostfqdn} == "toto")
  • tomcat plugin configuration is wrong (${testhostfqdn} is null)

Do you know how I can correct this ?

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Look, I hate to be a jerk, but have you considered switching your build to Gradle? Once you drink the Groovy Kool-aid, this Maven stuff sure seems wrong. I tried to stick with an old Maven build when I started adding Groovy because I thought redoing the build was overkill. Turns out, trying to maintain the Maven build was overkill. Switching to Gradle, REALLY simplified alot.

Maven's dependency resolution and repo features are its good parts. All the XML crap should be dropped without prejudice.

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