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I am quite new to extJs and JavaScript. I am getting an error in my javaScript code. I created a ExtJs button and assigned a handler to it. The handler creates a ExtJs messageBox. The problem is, when the button is clicked, the messageBox is not created. When I used Chrome to debug I got this error:

"Uncaught TypeError: Object function getElementById() { [native code] } has no method 'addEventListener'"

I have searched around but so far got nothing. Below is the code:

var fBtn1 = new Ext.Button({
    text: 'Forward',
    tooltip: 'Send this message to more recipients',
    handler : getBox

function getBox() {      
    Ext.MessageBox.confirm('hello', 'how is it');
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This sounds like you (or Ext JS) is doing document.getElementById.addEventListener(...) without calling getElementById. Could you provide a jsFiddle demo? – pimvdb Aug 29 '12 at 11:29
The jsFiddle framework options does not have ExtJs 2.3.0. That's the version I'm using – euniceadu Aug 29 '12 at 11:41
You can add a custom resource at "Add Resources". – pimvdb Aug 29 '12 at 11:43

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