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I'm using Bassistance jQuery validation plugin and i need to test if 2 inputs are empty, if so then show an error message, else if one of the two fields is completed then that is fine.

This is the form fields:

<label for="para_comp_name">Your name *</label>
<input id="para_comp_name" name="para_comp_name" type="text" value="">

<label for="para_comp_code">Inside track unique code *</label>
<input id="para_comp_code" name="para_comp_code" type="text" value="">

<label for="para_comp_message">Message</label>
<textarea id="para_comp_message" name="para_comp_message" cols="" rows=""></textarea>

<label for="para_comp_image">Upload image</label>
<input id="para_comp_image" name="para_comp_image" type="file" value="" size="16">

Only the fields which are required are the name and unique code, a user can then either fill in either or both the message and image fields. I just need to validate if they are both empty together.


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You can add custom validation method:

$(document).ready(function() {

    $.validator.addMethod("custom-rule", function() {
        return $('#para_comp_message').val().trim() + 
               $('#para_comp_image').val().trim() != '';
    }, "custom message");

        rules: {
            para_comp_name: "required",
            para_comp_code: "required",
            para_comp_image: "custom-rule"


Try the demo here.

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Thanks @MichalKlouda does what i need! –  zizther Aug 29 '12 at 12:24

this would normally be :

if (! $('#para_comp_name').val() && ! $('#otherFieldHere').val()){
 // do something f it's empty
 // do something else if it's not empty
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