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How do I enter a line break (or other non-text characters usually solved with escape characters) in a StringVar in Crystal Reports?

Wanted output:

line 1
line 2

I've tried StringVar s := "line 1 \n line 2";, but that does not work.

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It may not be much of an improvement, but you could build a string-formatting, custom function:

// sf()
Function (Stringvar text)

    Stringvar Array keys := ["\n"];
    Stringvar Array values := [Chr(10)+Chr(13)];

    Numbervar i;

    For i := 1 to Ubound(keys) do (
        text := Replace(text, keys[i], values[i])


//{@ text}
sf("line 1 \n line 2")

This would offer you some extensibility should you need to support additional escape sequences.

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Overkill for my task, but a nice general and flexible solution. –  LapplandsCohan Sep 3 '12 at 12:03

i have simply used following code for line break

"This formula field " + ChrW(13) + " contains a line break!"

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I've found a functional, albeit not code aesthetical, solution:

StringVar s := "line 1" + chr(10) + chr(13) + "line 2";
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