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I am using this on my nav menu to separate the list items

nav li + li:before{
    content: " | ";

This puts a bar between each list item, it doesn't put the bar before the first element. And using the :before pseudo selector, it doesn't put one at the end. (as suggested here Separators For Navigation)

However, I want to prevent this from carrying through to child list items.

e.g. nav ul li ul li

I've tried content:none; and content:""; on the child but they still display in the sub-menu.

Help please!

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Alternative without overwriting, using the Child Combinator (>):

nav > ul > li + li:before {
    content: " | ";

The Child Combinator selects an element if it is a direct child of another element (and not a grandchild of that element).

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Ah - I found the answer!

nav ul li li:before {
    content: "";
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This does work, and well done! But it's better to use more-specific selectors, rather than have to over-write everything you've specified previously. If only because it's more efficient, and less complex when you try to subtly amend styles later (and have to work out why something isn't cascading). – David Thomas Aug 29 '12 at 20:58

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