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I have the following statement, which has been summarised. I was wondering how to show two variables in a single case.

As shown I want pro_st to = 0 when the criteria for both date_avl and pro_qty have been met, but not sure of the correct way to code it.

case $insert_pro :
    case $pro_exists_row['date_aval'] == '0000-00-00' : and $sql_data['pro_qty'] == 0 :
    case $sql_data['pro_date_avl'] > date('Y-m-d') :
      $sql_data['pro_st'] = '0' ;
      break ;
    default :
      $sql_data['pro_st'] = '1' ;

Any advise would be appreciated.

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You look like you need an if or possible an if/elseif statement:

if (( $pro_exists_row['date_aval'] == '0000-00-00' && $sql_data['pro_qty'] == 0 ) || $sql_data['pro_date_avl'] > date('Y-m-d'))
    // This is the first two conditions of you case statement - either of the conditions are met
    $sql_data['pro_st'] = '0' ;
    // This is he default as neither of the others were met...
    $sql_data['pro_st'] = '1' ;
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exactly what I wanted, thanks! – user1633094 Aug 30 '12 at 8:41

You can use a switch statement only to check one var's value, not to check compound conditions like you are trying to do. You will need to use an if statement probably.

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you should have a look at the Manual on switch case or use an If like suggested by jeroen – user1593705 Aug 29 '12 at 12:17

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