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My HTML code in .cshtml page is

 <menu id="menuTools">
        @Html.ActionLink("Test1", "Index", new { Area = "Tools", Controller = "Controller1" })
        @Html.ActionLink("Test2", "Index", new { Area = "Tools", Controller = "Controller2" })
        @Html.ActionLink("Test3", "Index", new { Area = "Tools", Controller = "Controller3" })

I need to have arrow marks instead of bullets in front of each menu. Thanks.

Update: When I click the particular menu, I need to have the arrow mark. Thanks.

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You are generating action links and when you click won't you get redirected to those urls? – Mark Aug 29 '12 at 14:01
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I suppose this may be helpful: so "→" is a "&" + "rarr;"

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If you are using list <li>, there is an option in CSS to set custom image as bullet image. You may do that using list-style-image:

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only when clicking particular menu, I need to display corresponding arrow. How it is possible. Thanks – user1537319 Aug 29 '12 at 13:05

The easiest way would be to give the ul just a style like


Then you may will have to use a list-style-position: Xpx Ypx; additionally to allign it right. See

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