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I have found a cool slideshow for my website.

When the page loads, the first picture appears in the slideshow.

I want slideshow to randomly display some pictures when the page loads.

Javascript Code :

 (function($) {
    $.fn.orbit = function(options) {

    var defaults = {  
    animation: 'fade',                  
    animationSpeed: 800,                
    timer: false,                       
    advanceSpeed: 4000,                 
    pauseOnHover: false,                
    startClockOnMouseOut: false,       
    startClockOnMouseOutAfter: 1000,    
    directionalNav: true,               
    captions: true,                     
    captionAnimation: 'fade',          
    captionAnimationSpeed: 800,        
    bullets: false,                     
    bulletThumbs: false,                
    bulletThumbLocation: '',           
    afterSlideChange: function(){}      

Any ideas ?

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you can create an object list of your images than use serialize and randomize on them.. – Berker Yüceer Aug 29 '12 at 12:54
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so; Open Source Code ORBIT Objects settings add random default false:

defaults: {                                                                 
    animation: 'horizontal-push',     
    animationSpeed: 600,              // how fast animtions are               
    timer: true,                      // true or false to have the timer      
    advanceSpeed: 4000,               // if timer is enabled, time between transitions 
    pauseOnHover: false,              // if you hover pauses the slider       
    startClockOnMouseOut: false,      // if clock should start on MouseOut    
    startClockOnMouseOutAfter: 1000,  
    directionalNav: true,                 // manual advancing directional navs
    captions: true,                   // do you want captions?                
    captionAnimation: 'fade',             // fade, slideOpen, none            
    captionAnimationSpeed: 600,       // if so how quickly should they animate in
    bullets: false,                   
    bulletThumbs: false,              // thumbnails for the bullets           
    bulletThumbLocation: '',          // location from this file where thumbs will be
    afterSlideChange: $.noop,     // empty function                           
    fluid: false,             
    centerBullets: true,

    /////////////////////////// add Line
    random: false, // or true 


after ORBIT Objects {loaded} method add to if (options.random) then Random:

loaded: function () {                                                       
        .css({width: '1px', height: '1px'});                                    


    if (this.options.timer) {                                                 

    if (this.options.captions) {                                              

    if (this.options.directionalNav) {                                        

    if (this.options.bullets) {                                               

  //////////////////////////////// add Line                                                                   
  if (this.options.random)                                                  


after; add ORBIT Objects new method {Random}

    Random: {                                                                      

        __init__: function() {                                                     

            return this.math();                                                    

        math: function() {                                                       
            var bullets_count = (jQuery(".orbit-bullets li").length -1);           

            return (Math.floor(Math.random() * (bullets_count - 0 + 1)));          

take it easy..

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