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I'm following one tutorial and it says I have to use Ctrl + R to paste in insert mode, but when I try hitting that combination I get the Goto symbol... as that's predefined in Sublime. Now, I'm wondering is there some other shortcut to paste in insert mode?

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As @roma pointed out using Ctrl + R is not supported.

My use case was: I used the comand c% which selects the text between the matching brackets and automatically goes to the insert mode. As pointed out in the comment to roma's answer: using Ctrl + v doesn't work after the c% command.

The workaround is to press the Esc key after c% command, which brings us to the command mode, and then press the p key to paste the text previously selected by c% command.

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Insert mode is regular Sublime Text 2 editing, with the usual Sublime Text 2 key bindings: vi insert mode key bindings are not emulated. from there

Why you don't want to use Ctrl+V?

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for example if I select the text with command c% which selects everything between matching brackets, then I automatically go to the insert mode and there I can't use Ctrl + v to paste that text (it pastes something else that was(still is) in the clipboard) – Nikola Aug 30 '12 at 6:33

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