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Is there any feature Add New Field using J-qury or Add fields using Javascript in Google forms?

I'm creating a questionnaire application using google apps script and questions and answers will be set from my admin panel (Admin decide how many questions will be there). It would be perfect if there was a (+) next to the form to automatically load another text box underneath the form.

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Now the Google Forms are not supported by GAS, i.e. no way to add dynamic fields to a form from a script. You can submit a feature request to the GAS issue tracker.

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I founded the perfect reason for this why it's unable to add dynamic fields with the Google Forms because Google Forms applications are totally bonded with the spread sheets

All the Forms having individual spreadsheets there.

So, it's impossible to generate dynamic fields in the Google forms because of strongly associated with the spreadsheet so.

This we can say the static relation between Google Forms and Spreadsheets.

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I think you want to build a new page that can submit to a Google spreadsheet using Using jQuery with JSON and Google Spreadsheets Data API

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I don't see why google doesn't have the row "1" as all of the questions/answers

Ex: A1="what pasta do you like" B1="angel hair, spaghetti,rotini"

row "2".would be current answers Row "3"would be the headers currently on1 and the submitted forms would be on 4 and down.

This would allow, with the use of concatenate, for dynamic forms as well as easily editing your form outside of the dumb, clunky, form interface.

Hi google... Free idea, please use, thanks

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this is an interesting idea, but you might want to rewrite it to fit with the question & answer style of stackoverflow to get more traffic and feedback. There is lots of good guidance in the FAQ at meta.stackexchange.com/questions/7931/… on how it all works. Good luck! –  Andy Clifton Aug 5 '13 at 1:38

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