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I have this jquery code which works great:

    if ($(this).scrollTop()>175){
        // animate fixed div to small size:
        $('header').stop().animate({ height: 90 },100);
    } else {
        //  animate fixed div to original size
        $('header').stop().animate({ height: 175 },100);

I need the above to be present and read by all browsers/devices at all times but I also need to adjust the height of the smaller header (currently 90px - beneath the line // animate fixed div to small size:) for ONLY browser widths between 641px and 959px. I need the height of the header to be 120px for those browser widths only otherwise use the above code.

A bit like Media queries where I'd like it update itself as the browser is resized.

How do I do this exactly?

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is what you are looking for. And,

   if($(window).width()>641 && $(window).width()<959){
          // do the animations

is the main idea of it.

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