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I have a problem with unix named pipes. Consider we have a program A which writes his output to pipe (consider P), and another program (consider B) uses this pipe as input file. The question is how can I interrupt program A externally when program B fails. The situation is similar to this pseudo script:

mkfifo P
A -output P &
B -input P &
if ( $! != 0 ) //somehow interrupt A
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Keep the PID:

mkfifo P
A -output P &
B -input P
if ( $? != 0 )
    kill $pidA

$! expands to the PID of the most recently executed background command.

$? expands to the exit code.

Note for this to work, you can't run B in the background because you can't get the exit code for it, then.

If you still want to run it in the background, use:

( B -input P || kill $pidA ) &
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