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I have two models: first one is PersonAddress, witch contains info about person and address and second one is Address, witch contains info about some address. I connect this to models with PersonAddress hasOne Address. Now I have store PersonAddresses, witch contains few PersonAddress models. I want to create new one PersonAddress.

  1. I create Address
  2. I create PersonAddress
  3. I set Address for PersonAddress (personAddress.setAddress(address))
  4. Sync PersonAddresses store.

It tryes to create PersonAddress model on the server but my Address model is not created yet.

I want that store PersonAddress while syncing models automatical sync new Address model. Is it possible? It is impotent, because I use save button on form witch contains parent model Person and I want only create Address and PersonAddress when I press save button on Person.

P.S.: Sorry for my English. And you can ask if you don't understand something.

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Ok, I think the best way to do this is as I made:

  1. I add address field to PersonAddress model and made it persist.
  2. When I change address I set address field of PersonAddress and call setDirty() on it.
  3. On the server-side I get post data and extract address field.
  4. Make/Update my Address model on the server-side.
  5. Make/Update my PersonAddress model on the server-side.
  6. Connect Address with PersonAddress.
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