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I'm trying to gather twitter based on location. I'd like some hints into how to gather:

  1. Tweets coming from the Greek community
  2. Tweets coming from all over (public streamline)
  3. Tweets coming from Greece (location-based)
  4. Tweets having a specific keyword

I'm using Ruby and will probably go with tweetstream. The alternative is to work directly with the twitter gem. Note that tweetstream is based upon twitter-gem, made by the same developers, etc. It's just a higher abstraction layer with some handy add-ons like event-machine-driven start/stop daemon.

For point 1, it's hard to say if someone is Greek. The only approach I can think of, is gather all tweets from public streams and filter tweets containing Greek words.

For point 2, okay I'll go using Tweetstream::Client.new.sample

For point3, I have no idea. The GPS coordinates of Greece are Latitude: N 39° 0' 0'' and longitude E 22° 0' 0, but that's just a point on the map not the Greek territory. I know Tweetstream supports a couple o methods to define location-based tweets but I don't have a clue on how to approach this... Any ideas, hints or thoughts are welcome.

For point4 I'm using TweatStream::Client.new.track('keyword') which keeps the connection up and running. Reading twitter's Streaming API, I have the impression that

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Such as aclweb.org/anthology-new/D/D12/D12-1137.pdf ? –  Reactormonk Sep 6 '12 at 22:15
That's a paper, I'm looking for a more straight-forward answer. However thanks, it have some insights as how to approach this. Reading the twitter's JSON Api was also useful, they allow using a point (long/lat) and a radius, which makes sense... –  atmosx Sep 7 '12 at 0:00
Only a small part is geotagged, the rest is non-trivial. –  Reactormonk Sep 7 '12 at 14:29
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