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I'm using the Twitter API atom format


but it's return me tweets with hashtag "some_hashtag" from all people. i'm looking for some filter to search all tweets with hashtag "some_hashtag" only from one user, for example @this_one.

I did not find this parameter on the "twitter get search" documentation

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You have to give an extra parameter to the q: from:.

For example, retreiving tweets for hashtag some_hashtag by @VictimCommunity:


It's described in the doc but was a bit hidden.

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ooo well spotted! +1 – Matt Humphrey Aug 29 '12 at 13:47
thank you so much! – Denis Aug 29 '12 at 16:17

Twitter does not allow you to search for keywords for a particular set of users.

As you are only "searching" one user's tweets, I would suggest that you just read the users timeline with include_entities and filter the results with with PHP your end:


Now use PHP to read through...

foreach ($tweets as $tweet) 
    if (in_array('hashtag', $tweet->entities->hashtags))
        // go...

Edit: Whilst this still valid, I suggest looking at this answer above.

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Look at these two pages:

Twitter Search Api

Twitter Search Api Entities

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