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How do I get the source code for Komodo Edit?

Komodo Edit is an open source text editor. I want to inspect and learn from the source code for Komodo Edit.

In the download location, http://downloads.activestate.com/Komodo/releases/5.1.4/, I can only see binaries. How do I get the full source code?

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It seems that the URLs have been changed for browsing online – Attila Fulop Feb 15 '12 at 13:05

The source for Komodo Edit is available on the Open Komodo Project's Website.

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Apparently the only way is to get the source code through Subversion. From the Open Komodo Development README:

The Open Komodo sources are kept in a Subversion repository hosted at the openkomodo.com site. Read-only public access is available via:

svn co http://svn.openkomodo.com/repos/openkomodo/trunk openkomodo

For Windows, using TortoiseSVN (see Practical guide to subversion on Windows with TortoiseSVN for installation, setup and use):

Right click on <folder to receive the source code>/SVN Checkout/set "URL of repository" to "http://svn.openkomodo.com/repos/openkomodo/trunk"

The result was 15164 files in 6120 folders, 138 MB transferred, 348 MB on disk.

Including 93 C files, 138 C++ files and 971 Python files.

The source code files can also be browsed online.

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Start your search with Komodo Community.

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