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i'm currently searching for a solution to save the mongodb cursor (after a find()) to access it between two http requests. My environment is JAVA Spring MVC and mongodb (Spring Data) so i have all of its powerfull functionality. Unfortunately i didn't find any documentation/tutorial which solves my problem:

A client requests the first 20 results in his first request and the following 20 in his second request. Instead of querying mongo again i want to access the previously generated cursor because documents changed during time and i want to have the initial order of them. Is there any way how to do it?

Help is very welcome!

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You could also try to iterate through the Cursor and add everything to a SortedMap. Then you can query the SortedMap as many times as you want. You can have the SortedMap sort it by natural order or you can use a Comparator to have it sorted any way you want.

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Some drivers support lazy operations on cursors called getMore. This will reuse your cursor ID to retrieve more data.

Unless if you strictly ask, your cursor will not do snapshots, causing strange behaviors in case of a new document get inserted or deleted (like see the same doc twice). To snapshot your result, try adding the .snapshot() to your query, like:

var cursor = db.myCollection.find({country:'uk'}).snapshot();

I never tested that, so please confirm if this approach wathever worked or not.

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