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I am using txamqp python library to connect to an AMQP broker (RabbitMQ) and i have a consumer with the following callback:

def message_callback(self, message, queue, chan):
    """This callback is a queue listener
    it is called whenever a message was consumed from queue
    c.f. test_amqp.ConsumeTestCase for use cases

    # The callback should be redefined here to keep getting further messages from queue
    queue.get().addCallback(self.message_callback, queue, chan).addErrback(self.message_errback)        

    print " [x] Received a valid message: [%r]" % (message.content.body,)

    yield self.smpp.sendDataRequest(SubmitSmPDU)

    # ACK the message in queue, this will remove it from the queue

When "ack"ing a message, it will be deleted (to confirm ?) from the queue, but what happens when the message is not "ack"ed ? i need to get a "retry" mechanism where i can postpone the message to be callbacked again later on and to keep track of how much retries did it take.

And how can i list/delete messages from a queue ?

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RabbitMQ has a nice management plugin, however that doesn't even allow one to delete messages from queues.

You basically would have to write your own application, or figure out which of these 3rd party management applications can delete messaages.

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It's resolved, in order to retry a message from the queue, it is necessary to reject the message with 'retry' flag, it will be enqueued back to the queue.

If i reject it with a timer (callLater in twisted), the message enqueuing will be postponed for whatever time i want.

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