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I am trying to use the Netsuite PHP Toolkit to create a new task, assign it to an employee and have an email sent to that employee.

I can successfully create and assign the task, but can't get the email to send.

Here is the code I'm using:

    $task_data = array(
        'assigned'=>new nsRecordRef(array('internalId'=>NETSTUITE_CONF::EMPLOYEE_ID, 'type'=>'employee')),
        'startDate'=>date('c', strtotime($request['date_added']))
    $task = new nsComplexObject('Task', $task_data);
    $ret = $ns->add($task);

Which outputs:

object(nsWriteResponse)#13 (3) {
  object(nsRecordRef)#19 (4) {
    string(9) "RecordRef"
    string(49) "urn:core_2010_1.platform.webservices.netsuite.com"
    array(2) {
      string(4) "task"
      string(6) "408557"

The new task has all the data set except the sendEmail field, which the SuiteTalk Schema Browser list the type as xsd:boolean. I have tried sending the strings "true" and "T" as well, but the field remains false.

How can I set the field to true, so that the email is sent?

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Try 'T' or 'F' I just did that on a different boolean field elsewhere in netsuite and that's what did the trick for me.

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No luck, the field is false either way. –  ben Aug 29 '12 at 19:00
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I got a response from a netsuite employee on their support forum saying:

Adding a task record via web services does not currently support sending of the email when sendemail=true

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