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I'm new with Lithium.I need to do a left join.This is the query I need.

SELECT `title`,`body`,`user_id`,`users`.`username`,`users`.`id` 
FROM `posts` LEFT JOIN `users` 
        ON `user_id` = `users`.`id`

I try to do something like this.

  $conditions['user_id'] = $this->data['user_id'];
                $posts = Post::all(array(
                  'conditions' => $conditions,
                  'fields' => array('title','body','username'),
                  'join' => array('source' => 'posts', 
                  'type' => 'LEFT',
                  'constraint' => array('post.user_id' => 'Users.id')), 
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There is a great tutorial (using a blog as an example) here which explains using Relationships in Lithium, Relationships make using relational data and JOINS simpler.

You can also check out the official docs as well as this answer: How do I perform joins with lithium models?

Once you have your Relationships set on your Models you can do your JOINS as simply as:

$posts = Posts::find('all', array(
    'with' => 'Users'

There are a couple differant types of Relationships in Lithium, which roughly corrspond to differant types of JOINS ...

  • hasOne: the current object is linked to a single object of another type
  • hasMany: the current object is linked to many objects of another type
  • belongsTo: the current object is owned and marked as related to another object
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Thank you for fast answer.I solved the problem. –  Cosmin Aug 30 '12 at 12:17

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