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I have districts with areas. and i'm trying to fetch data from my cube. the problem is:

  1. i add new area to district in database.
  2. the data in cube is recalculated only once a day. so rigth after i have added new area it will be not present in my cube.
  3. and when i try to get info from cube i get the error 'MDX object '[ATD].[Area].&[6007d9a7-a137-4bba-9d72-0020ee5d2db0]' not found in cube' after the cube is recalculated everything is ok.

how can i fight this error?

with member [Measures].[District]   
     member [Measures].[Area]       
     member [Measures].[AreaID]                         

                    }  on columns,
                    } on rows
                    from SomeCube

Thanks in advance.

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You should set the ignoreInvalidMembers property to true.

You can find more information on Mondrian's configuration page.

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I use tomcat and I put a mondrian.properties file in bin directory of tomcat but it seems it's not being used. –  user1178399 Sep 14 '12 at 17:10
i have solved the problem: just put the file in \mondrian\WEB-INF\classes\ –  user1178399 Sep 24 '12 at 16:07

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