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I have two tables that look something like this

Table Dog:

PK, color
1,  red
2,  yellow
3,  red
4,  red
5,  yellow

The dogs have toys.

Table toys

PK, FK, name
1,  2,  bowser
2,  2,  oscar
3,  3,  greg
4,  4,  alp
5,  4,  hanson
6,  5,  omar
7,  5,  herm

I need a query that selects the count of all yellow dogs that have more than one toy.

I was thinking somehting like:

Select count(*)
from toys t, dogs d
where t.fk = d.pk
and d.color = 'yellow'
group by t.fk    
having count(t.fk) > 1;

It should return 2. but it comes back with mutiple rows

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You query is returning one row for each dog. You can drop it in as a subquery and count the total rows returned. –  Gordon Linoff Aug 29 '12 at 15:24
Realised that the moment I posted. Fixed it and thank you. –  user779608 Aug 29 '12 at 15:24

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select count(*)
from (
    select FK
    from Toys t
    inner join Dogs d on t.FK = d.PK
    where d."color" = 'yellow'
    group by FK
    having count(*) > 1

SQL Fiddle Example

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