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I'm taking an Introductory Java class right now and for one of our first programs we created a program to calculate total sales and sales percentages of different stores within a franchise. Now when I enter in the values for my variables, my cursor begins at the beginning of the line ex.

_Profits for shackA:(instead of here)

Here's the specific line that makes the console interface:

double shackA, shackB, shackC;
System.out.print("Profits for Shack A: ");
shackA = scan.nextDouble();
System.out.print("Profits for Shack B: ");
shackB = scan.nextDouble();
System.out.print("Profits for Shack C: ");
shackC = scan.nextDouble();

Is there any way to modify the starting position for a cleaner input?

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Try replacing

System.out.print("Profits for Shack A: ");


System.out.println("Profits for Shack A: ");
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If you can switch to java.util.Console, you could do something like this:

Console cons = System.console();
String inputA = cons.readLine("Profits for Shack A: ");
shackA = Double.parseDouble(inputA);

Of course, you'd need to do some error handling to handle the case that the user inputs "ABCD!!!" instead of a double.

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