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I have subscribed to a broadband Internet connection provided by a local cable TV provider.

Normally, I use my laptop which has Windows 7 for light surfing. I have set up a Broadband connection(PPPoE) for the same as per the provider's instructions.

The issue arises when I remove the cable from my laptop and plug it into my desktop and try to use it by setting up a connection there,too. My account either gets locked immediately or even if it connects, when I connect the cable back to my laptop, it appears surely locked. Then I have to call up the provider to unlock it :(

I'm sure that the provider is storing something on each machine and disallowing use of multiple machines. This is a real disadvantage as I can't download overnight by using my desktop.

Please guide as to how I must get rid of this inconvenience.

Thanks and regards !

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It could be because the connection is tied to the MAC Address of the network card. If the cable modem has a USB port you could try that option to connect to a USB port on the PC and laptop - you may have to install the drivers on the laptop and PC.

Another option you could try (if any of the systems have two network cards) is to setup ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). ICS can also be setup in the scenario of USB connected cable modem + single network card.

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