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How do I remove the gray border of the ZedGraph control?

Just the graph should be in the form, without the gray border, label, and an title.

I tried to solve the problem with

_zgc.MasterPane.Border.Width = 0;
_zgc.MasterPane.Border.IsVisible = false;

but for now without success.

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user1579585, I have tried to use the latest version of ZedGraph in a new Visual Studio project, and I don't see any gray borders. Can you add a screenshot of the problem? – Peter Mortensen Sep 3 '12 at 0:05

The solution is:

GraphPane _gp = _zgc.GraphPane;
_gp.Margin.All = 0;
_gp.Legend.IsVisible = false;
_gp.Title.IsVisible = false;
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