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I am fairly new to Ruby. I have few lines of code I want to DRY them.

foo_attributes = params[:foo]
bar_attributes = params[:bar]

I am trying to do something like this

["foo", "bar"].each do |par|
  par_attribute = params[:par]

Later in my method, I need to call other methods passing the objects foo_attribute, bar_attribute.



How can I do this in ruby?

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You can use dynamic method dispatch as well as eval and dynamic attribute setters. –  Anupam Aug 29 '12 at 16:49

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Why don't you just keep the params var? Then you don't have to assign any other variable at all?

You can also DRY the first (and second example) by combinig two lines:

foo_attributes = params.delete(:foo)
bar_attributes = params.delete(:bar)
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