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I have a string in xml format and I wish to convert it to a hash using LIBXML. How can I do so in perl?

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What format should the hash have? (And if you don't care, why does it have to be a hash?) – ikegami Aug 29 '12 at 16:17
XML Hash might be your best bet: (when in doubt of how to do something like this in perl there is a really good chance a module exists in cpan) – scrappedcola Aug 29 '12 at 16:18

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Searching the XML::LibXML distribution, it seems that support for such functionality is limited to attributes only via XML::LibXML::AttributeHash.

To quote XML::LibXML::DOM:

One also has to remember, that XML::LibXML is an interface to libxml2 nodes which actually reside on the C-Level of XML::LibXML. This means each node is a reference to a structure different than a perl hash or array. The only way to access these structure's values is through the DOM interface provided by XML::LibXML. This also means, that one can't simply inherit an XML::LibXML node and add new member variables as they were hash keys.

There are, however, a ton of other modules that can hashify XML strings:

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XML::LibXML has a perfectly good DOM interface, but if you want to "convert to a hash" you'll either need to do some DOM traversal yourself to smoosh the data into a hash in the format you want, or use something like XML::Simple instead of libxml. XML::Simple is kind of horrible for reliable interoperation, but sometimes it's the easiest thing.

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