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I am trying to define a custom Dialog Template with certain members such as m_hImage, m_hName, and the m_hIcon in it. I want to then derive Dialogs using this Template.

I am not using any buttons(Ok,cancel etc.) in this template. Do i still need to declare or define OnOk(), OnCancel() etc.

Can anybody tell me what are the other methods I need to declare in this template class?

My goal is to just prepare this template dialog so that each dialog derived from this template contains a icon on the title bar (m_hIcon) , the image (m_hImage) on the upper left corner, and the image name (m_hName) on the upper right corner of dialog.

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No, you need not to override any of the methods. You may however need to override OnInitDialog, otherwise you won't have any dialog initialization. This is the overridden method where you can setup the icon for dialog.

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