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I am a newbie in using Drupal 6 and I am still walking in the dark in terms of module familiarization and module configurations. Lately, I installed the Webform module for my site to be able to let users submit a request. In my Webform, there is a Select View field where it lists all contents of a specific Content Type on my Drupal site. I was able to use a View as a datasource for my normal webform select component via the Webform View Reference Component that's whay I have a custom <select> field which are views on my Webform. Now, after a successful submission of the form, I go to Results and found the data which are saved upon submission. What I want is that, on my Results page, the selected option from the list, which basically are views, will be a link to their respective views. This is how it looks like, enter image description here I am really lost right here. Can someone lend me a hand on how to make this possible? Cheers.

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Install this module http://drupal.org/project/webform_report it will be displayed in table format and also you can customize the report & also It will create separate content type.

Below is the screen shot for webform report, you can also view, edit & delete from report itself.

enter image description here

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