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I would like to match a string within some brackets. My string might have some apostrophes. I am using the following pattern for matching but this is not picking up the string and i don't really see why - any idea?

pattern = re.compile('<([\w\s\']+)>', re.IGNORECASE)

e.g., <Let's rock!> would yield Let's rock!

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You don't have an apostrophe problem, you have an exclamation point problem. An exclamation point is neither word (\w) nor whitespace (\s) nor an apostrophe. So you should add ! to your character class if you want to allow it.

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ok i thought the \w will match the ! - thanks! –  tiguero Aug 29 '12 at 16:41
\w is only letters, numbers, and underscore (though depending on your language and version, "letters" and "numbers" may mean the ASCII interpretation of those words, or the Unicode interpretation) –  hobbs Aug 29 '12 at 17:51

Can't you get away with a simple ., e.g., '<(.+)>'?

Also, it's typically easier if you don't use single quotes for the string if you need to embed a single quote inside, e.g., "<([\w\s']+)>".

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