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I have a ListView that is owner drawn that shows icons of some jpeg photos in LargeIcon mode. My problem is that when selected each cell of the ListView grows slightly larger (by 26 pixels) as shown in the animated gif (it shows first the unselected then the selected state). Can this be turned off so that the cell size is uniform no matter whether a cell is selected or not? I suppose I could detect the size increase and just draw into a smaller space, but it bugs me that I haven't found the lever to control this behavior.


The size change was as measured in the DrawItem callback:

    private void PhotoListView_DrawItem(object sender, DrawListViewItemEventArgs e)
        Graphics gc = e.Graphics;
        Rectangle rect = e.Bounds;
        // ...
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This doesn't happen generally. Create a new test ListView - see if it happens. If not, add properties to match existing until you see it. –  John Arlen Aug 29 '12 at 17:31
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