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I am using colorbox in a responsive website.

I have a request : I wish that Colorbox automatically adjusts itself to the size and orientation of the screen / mobile device : if I change the orientation of the screen / mobile device (ie if I rotate my mobile to adjust horizontal and vertival pictures to the screen size, I wish that Colorbor automatically adjusts itself to the new size / orientation of the screen). for now, Colorbox only automatically adjusts itself on load of a new picture (in a slideshow for exemple).

I asked the question in the closed google group :

I created two feature requests on github :

but I don't have any response, so I try on Stack Overflow...

Does anyone know if it's possible to get ColorBox to auto-resize based on orientation change (maybe with a callback function in a workaround)?

Thanks in advance to any help.

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11 Answers 11

I solved it using the maxWidth and maxHeight options on colorbox initialization, as explained on the developer's website :

jQuery(*selector*).colorbox({maxWidth:'95%', maxHeight:'95%'});

You can also add this snippet to resize the colorbox when resizing the window or changing your mobile device's orientation :

/* Colorbox resize function */
var resizeTimer;
function resizeColorBox()
    if (resizeTimer) clearTimeout(resizeTimer);
    resizeTimer = setTimeout(function() {
            if (jQuery('#cboxOverlay').is(':visible')) {
    }, 300)

// Resize Colorbox when resizing window or changing mobile device orientation
window.addEventListener("orientationchange", resizeColorBox, false);

Eventually, replace jQuery by $ .

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load method is not publicly accessible any longer. So use jQuery.colorbox.resize() method instead of load method and pass the width and height as an object. eg: jQuery.colorbox.resize(width:'90%', height:'90%') – Shabith Oct 25 '13 at 4:35
@Shabith You are missing the curly brackets there - It should be jQuery.colorbox.resize({width:'90%', height:'90%'}) – Crimbo Nov 15 '13 at 4:08
@Crimbo thanks :) – Shabith Nov 16 '13 at 5:57

I tried many of the solutions here but the following from @berardig on github worked really well for me

var cboxOptions = {
  width: '95%',
  height: '95%',
  maxWidth: '960px',
  maxHeight: '960px',


      width: window.innerWidth > parseInt(cboxOptions.maxWidth) ? cboxOptions.maxWidth : cboxOptions.width,
      height: window.innerHeight > parseInt(cboxOptions.maxHeight) ? cboxOptions.maxHeight : cboxOptions.height


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This should be the accepted answer. It's simple, not hackish and it offers all desired options. I've been using colorbox in responsive projects for a long time - and this solution beats all others. Thanks! – Simon Steinberger Nov 19 '14 at 7:05
You can make it even shorter by using integers for maxWidth/maxHeight. Thus parseInt gets redundant without loss of functionality. – Simon Steinberger Nov 19 '14 at 7:07

Looks like this issue has been discussed and working solutions offered on the author's github

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Thanks for sharing follow-up info. The latest comment in that post works! – RayLuo Dec 30 '12 at 17:48

Call this on window resize and/or "orientationchange" Where 960 is the preferred width for my colorbox, and my maxWidth = 95%

var myWidth = 960, percentageWidth = .95;       
if ($('#cboxOverlay').is(':visible')) {         
    $.colorbox.resize({ width: ( $(window).width() > ( myWidth+20) )? myWidth : Math.round( $(window).width()*percentageWidth ) });
    $('.cboxPhoto').css( {
        width: $('#cboxLoadedContent').innerWidth(),
        height: 'auto'
    $('#cboxLoadedContent').height( $('.cboxPhoto').height() );

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You should consider 'framing' with @media query colorBox css file the same way you'd do with the rest of your css.

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I know you left that answer in October but would you clarify what you mean by framing? – Duncanmoo Mar 12 '13 at 15:17

This one is working properly brothers.

jQuery( document ).ready( function(){
var custom_timeout = ( function() {
    var timers = {};
    return function ( callback, ms, uniqueId ) {
        if ( !uniqueId ) {
            uniqueId = "Don't call this twice without a uniqueId";
        if ( timers[uniqueId] ) {
            clearTimeout ( timers[uniqueId] );
        timers[uniqueId] = setTimeout( callback, ms );
$(".group1").colorbox({rel:'group1', width:"80%" }); 
$( window ).resize( function(){
        if( $('#cboxOverlay' ).css( 'visibility' ) ){
            $(".group1").colorbox.resize({ innerWidth:'80%' });
    }, 500 );


Visit demo page

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I've made this in CSS for youtube video box, but take care, it could cut some vertical images.

@media (max-width: 480px) {
#colorbox {
max-height:218px !important;
#cboxWrapper *, #cboxWrapper {
height:auto !important;
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in the jquary.colorbox.js file just make bellow chnage

line 24:-

maxWidth: "100%",

don't make any other change all will be working fine with all responsive effect :)

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A solution I found on the Drupal site uses Colorbox's OFF function:

if (window.matchMedia) {
    // Establishing media check
    width700Check = window.matchMedia("(max-width: 700px)");
    if (width700Check.matches){

You would need to re-initiate colorbox over a certain window size.

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My solution, helps when the website is not responsive and you want the colorbox to be visible on mobile devices. I personally use it to store reCaptcha form, so it's obligatory.

    if( /Android|webOS|iPhone|iPad|iPod|BlackBerry/i.test(navigator.userAgent) ) {
        $.colorbox({reposition: true, top: 0, left: 0, transition: 'none', speed:'50', inline:true, href:"#contactus"}).fadeIn(100);
    } else {
        $.colorbox({width:"400px", height:"260px", transition: 'none', speed:'50', inline:true, href:"#contactus"}).fadeIn(100);
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This is the solution that worked for me, I took out the timer stuff that was originally posted by Shabith.

     * Auto Re-Size function
    function resizeColorBox()
        if (jQuery('#cboxOverlay').is(':visible')) {
            jQuery.colorbox.resize({width:'100%', height:'100%'});

    // Resize Colorbox when resizing window or changing mobile device orientation
    window.addEventListener("orientationchange", resizeColorBox, false);

Credits go to: shabith

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