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I have been working on a way to dynamically change the image src on a webpage. I'm using ASP.NET MVC3 and have an image point to a controller action. This works great for first load. Then I have an upload control and refresh the img src via jquery to load the new image. I call the same controller action as before in the first load.

This work in all browsers except for IE. In IE when I change the image and load via jQuery, I get prompted to download the file.

How can I refresh the image and have my required functionality work in IE?


~ Steve


 <img src="@Url.Action("ShowSavedImage", "DisplaySettings")" id="imgLogo" class="ContrainImage" />


 public ActionResult ShowCachedImage()
    return File(user.TempLogoBytes, user.TempLogoContentType);            


 $('#imgLogo').attr('src', '@Url.Content("DisplaySettings/ShowCachedImage/?v=")' + new Date().getTime());
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All versions of IE? Are there any reported errors? Is the resultant DOM produced (if you're able to check) by the jQuery the same in IE as in other browsers? –  David Thomas Aug 29 '12 at 17:00
In other browsers (say chrome) the image just changes as soon as it's src is changed via jQuery. In IE, instead of changing the image, a box pops up asking me to download the file. I can't really see the DOM since it's trying to download the image. –  Steve Sloka Aug 29 '12 at 17:09

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I found the issue wasn't the img src refresh at all. I have a controller action which handles the image save async (from kendoui upload control), and it was returning a JSON result, that was what was popping in the browser. I removed that and all works well.

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