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For example, I would like to print total classes in the school

If.. that course has only one class, it will print "Total 1 Class" but if there are many classes in that course, it will print "Total 15 Classes"

So, I want to use syntax like

<?php echo "Total ".$attendance_setting->class_number.  
 if($attendance_setting->class_number==1) {echo " Class";} else {echo "
 Classes";} ?>

Is it possible or I have to use If statement before I print it.

Thank you

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You could use a ternary operation for this:

echo "Total " . $attendance_setting->class_number . " ";
echo ($attendance_setting->class_number > 0)
     ? echo "Classes"
     : echo "Class";
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I generally define a function like this.

function add_plural_s($int=0){
    return $int > 1 ? 's' : '';

I then write as follows:

echo 'Class'.add_plural_s($attendance_setting->class_number);

This prints Class if not supposed to be plural and Classs if supposed to be plural.

However I have just realized that in your case in it will not work like I have defined the function because you need more then just an s. But you get the idea anyway.

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I guess you could extend the function with a second parameter specifying a 'pre-s' string in case of pluralizing –  Patrick Aug 29 '12 at 17:09
thanks for your suggession, this's very useful and I'll adapt to use in other opportunities. –  Mek Aug 29 '12 at 17:25
@mek its a pleasure, by the way if you like an answer you should vote it up. Oh, you havent yet reached the minimum voting rep? Thats easily fixed with a vote to your interesting question! –  Zevi Sternlicht Aug 29 '12 at 17:56

I'd just perform the if statements prior to echo-ing the statement, something like the following:


if($attendance_setting->class_number==1) {
    $class = " Class";
else {
    $class = " Classes";

echo "Total " . $attendance_setting->class_number . $class;

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You can also use switch() statement

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Try following

echo class_number.($attendance_setting->class_number==1)?'class':'classes';
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