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there is a table== create table newstudent(enroll int, name varchar2(20), DoJoin date); in c# when i type

oraclecommand(1,'amit purohit', DateTime.Now());
//Error found 'nvalid month'
oraclecommand(1,'amit purohit', String.Format("{0:dd-MMM-yyyy}"));
//problme that save only date into database but i need time also. like '11-AUG-2009 11:22:32.0'
oraclecommand(1,'amit purohit', String.Format("{0:dd-MMM-yyyy hh:mm:ss}")
//also error get like string picture format in date time values
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One of your problems may be the fact that your date is in the wrong format for Oracle.

Oracle accepts the yyyy/mm/dd date format which I can see you're not using.

I'm with Jon Skeet on this one for the oraclecommand but you maybe want to try creating a normal SQL Query inside a string and then running the query.

You can use the to_date function to convert your date into the correct format.

insert into table_name
(to_date('2003/05/03 21:02:44', 'yyyy/mm/dd hh24:mi:ss'));

(Via Standard Date and Time Format Strings)

Or on the other hand you may try converting the date to a proper Oracle accepted format using some C# functions: Oracle/PLSQL: Insert a date/time value into an Oracle table


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Well we've no idea what "oraclecommand" is. What you've posted isn't valid C# anyway, as 'amit purohit' isn't a valid string (wrong quotes). Please post actual code. Ideally, post a short but complete program (e.g. a console app) which demonstrates the problem.

You should use a parameterised statement, and add a parameter with the relevant data in, specifying the appropriate parameter type. The exact format of that will depend on which Oracle driver you're using.

Please provide more information.

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Try something like this (non-tested code):

public void InsertDateTime(DateTime aoDateTime) {
  using (var oracleConnection = new OracleConnection("<my connection string>")) 
    var oracleCommand = new OracleCommand(
      new OracleParameter(":pMY_DATE_VALUE", aoDateTime));

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Did you check standard date format

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You should not convert your DateTime to string before inserting it to database. It's not necessary nor a good practice. –  Petar Repac Aug 2 '09 at 8:27

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