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How do I configure JaCoCo with Sonar 2.3 and Maven 3.0.4?

My project is a multi-module Maven project. My top level pom has the following:


After running mvn sonar:sonar I am getting 0% Code Coverage reported in Sonar. I should be seeing at least 50%. Note I do see the jacoco.exec in the target folder of each child project.

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Consider upgrading Sonar - the current version is 3.2, and has JaCoCo as it's native code coverage module.

Also, see https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-examples/tree/master/projects/code-coverage/ut for lots of examples

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They have modified the GitHub project structure. New link with the examples is:


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Hi there are some very interesting articles describing exactly your case. Here's the list http://www.sonarsource.org/measure-coverage-by-integration-tests-with-sonar-updated/ http://johndobie.blogspot.gr/2011/06/maven-multi-module-with-sonar-and.html http://johndobie.blogspot.gr/2011/06/seperating-test-code-coverage-with.html And one relevant question Jacoco and Sonar code coverage? Hope you find them useful

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It looks like Sonar can only process a single JaCoCo report file. Not very good. –  DarVar Aug 30 '12 at 9:32

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