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We are migrating our application from JBoss 5 to Jboss 7. We want to precompile the JSP's to see all of them are getting compiled fine rather than accessing each one of them and check.

From whatever I have read, I have not been able to find a concrete solution to this problem.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how this can be achieved?

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You can precompile the jsp page by passing jsp_precompile=true in the parameter. For example if you want to precompile the xyj.jsp running on localhost, you have to do http://x.x.x.x:8080/xyz.jsp?jsp_precompile=true this will only precompile the jsp and will not execute it.

Instead of doing it manually, you can write up a small ant script which will find out all your jsp pages inside web application and fire GET method call for each of jsp with jsp_precompile=true in it. This will automate the whole process of achieving it. This is the only way to precompile the jsp with out executing it.

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