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I'm using sql membership provider and I'm wanting to add Shipping information when users register... The user is required to enter shipping info. What is the best way to approach this / how do I do it if possible?

public class RegisterModel
    [Display(Name = "User name")]
    public string UserName { get; set; }

    [Display(Name = "Email address")]
    public string Email { get; set; }

    [StringLength(100, ErrorMessage = "The {0} must be at least {2} characters long.", MinimumLength = 6)]
    [Display(Name = "Password")]
    public string Password { get; set; }

    [Display(Name = "Confirm password")]
    [Compare("Password", ErrorMessage = "The password and confirmation password do not match.")]
    public string ConfirmPassword { get; set; }


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Membership provider is only for basic info. ASP.NET also has something like ProfileProvider. The out-of-the-box version shipped with ASP.NET stores information in XML in database along with the data of Membership Provider.

Classic tutorial:

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I just responded the same question. Please take a look here

Hope this will help you

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