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I code signed my Installer/Uninstaller.exe using the below code:

signtool sign  /f "mycert.pfx"   /p Westell1  /t   http://timestamp.verisign.com/scripts/timstamp.dll "Installer.exe"

After the code sign, when I tried to run the Installer.exe on Windows Vista 32/64 bit systems, the UAC screen not displaying the application name correctly ("Installer.exe"). It displays the application name as "Insf3e3.tmp".

Thanks in advance for the help

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The text that UAC displays isn't the filename, it's the FileDescription field from the version resource in your executable.

If you're building Installer.exe yourself, you need to add a suitable version resource in your .rc file:

            VALUE "FileDescription", "My Application"

If Installer.exe comes from an install builder, you need to look up how to set that string when you build your installer. For example, with InnoSetup you would say:

VersionInfoDescription=My Application
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thanks RichieHindle, we are building the installer, I will check this. –  JChan Aug 29 '12 at 18:18
we are using Bitrock installer. while doing the code signing need to pass an argument -d along with the code sign command to display the application name. –  JChan Sep 24 '12 at 16:33

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