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I have an ExtUtils::MakeMaker makefile that installs two scripts script1 and script2. I do this using the line

EXE_FILES => ['usr/sbin/script1',
              'usr/sbin/script2', ],

in Makefile.PL. However, when make install is run the two scripts are installed in /usr/bin whereas I would like them installed in /usr/sbin.

Note that this is all being done inside of a Debian package, so I am looking for a way of specifying the script installation directory inside of Makefile.pl (or debian/rules) rather than from the command line. How do I tell MakeMaker to install these files in /usr/sbin?

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The docs say EXE_FILES is

Ref to array of executable files. The files will be copied to the INST_SCRIPT directory.


perl Makefile.PL INST_SCRIPT=/usr/sbin
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