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I am using Flex Builder 3 to develop my first application that will communicate with a server that has many operations, so many in fact it is overwhelming and I am grouping them together into classes that will expose the operations and also manage some client side meta data. I am calling these classes "server proxies" because they are technically similar to a proxy class in WCF. I would want to organize these classes where I can do things like the below where Authentication is a class, and ServerProxies is some feature of the language that allows me to group that class with other classes in the ServerProxies category, or subcatagories such as the Geography subcategory:


This example is kind of trivialized because some of these operations probably wouldn't go through a server, but that is not the topic at hand. (just had to say that before someone gets off on a tangent and flames me over some imaginary code)

*So my question is, what language feature of Action Script 3 would allow me to create such categories?

In C# it would have been a namespace, but namespaces in Action Script seem to be more like custom access modifiers that apply to methods and properties, rather than entire classes.

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You have to use packages, in preforms the same task as namespaces in C#.

You can read more about it here: http://www.foundation-flash.com/tutorials/packages/

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Thanks, that works out. The term "package" mislead me to think it had more to do with deployment and packaging (i.e. like a DLL in C#) than API organization. –  AaronLS Aug 2 '09 at 13:05
Yeah, I think they could have picked better names too. –  Jacob Poul Richardt Aug 2 '09 at 19:10

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