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I am attempting to move to nginx...

I have an app running in apache using the following mod_rewrite commands:

RewriteRule ^/([a-z\-0-9]+)/(.*)$ /$1/index.php/$2 [E=USERKEY:$1,L]

The PHP backed we are using processes items in the form of:


We want to pass every hit (where there is not a static file on disk) to the index.php file for processing in a format where:


would translate into:


I know some CMS products do something similar and I located a lot of examples but we have this odd USERKEY payload (which is part of index.php's path) causing issues for my configuration. Additionally, I struggled dealing with the slash (/) after the index.php. The error logs would show:

"/bobmsith/index.php/login" failed (20: Not a directory)

When attempting to browse to: http://www.myapp.com/bobsmith/login

I have tried working with rewrite, if(s), different types of location regex, try_files, fastcgi_split_path_info... I cannot find the cocktail for success!

any/all help appreciated; thanks all!

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