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we are requesting ads facebook api, when we obtain the data we can see that all numbers of impressions and similars are not correct. We try to plus the impressions, but not works, plus social impressions not work too, never give us a correct number.

The requests is from yesterday and at the facebook platform appears a number of impressions, spent blabber, and at api at same campaign, others numbers. Any idea?

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Your question really isn't clear here, but based on experience of other people asking questions about the Ads API stats from Facebook i'd guess that you're asking for stats and not adjusting the timestamps to match the timezone of the Ad Account.

Call /act_AD_ACCOUNT_NUMBER_HERE and check the timezone_offset_hours_utc field. When making calls for a day's stats on an adgroup, adcampaign or adaccount, make sure to take that offset into account when creating your timestamps (for example, an account in UTC + 2 the timestamps should be in UTC +2)

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