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I have 800mb backup postgresql db, i even had hardtime to open the file because not enough memory.

I tried to restore the file, but i receive this error while restoring, does any one know how to fix

I run this command: psql -U root -d mydatabase -f dbfile.sql

i receive message: ERROR: syntax error at or near "" LINE 1: INSERT INTO cv_balance` VALUES (4279704,3431,'2008-08-10 2...

please help

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I just had a similar but not equal problem: loading a dump always gave syntax error on line 1, even if line 1 looked correct (and even if line 1 was just a comment). It turned out the sql file had Windows-style CRLF line breaks. I converted to Unix-style, problem solved. –  Haakon Aug 29 '09 at 10:54

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It looks like for some reason, a ` mark got either added after cv_balance or removed before cv_balance - look on the first line of your SQL file, it currently probably reads something like this:

INSERT INTO cv_balance` VALUES    ...(continued)...

modify it to read like this:

INSERT INTO cv_balance VALUES     ...(continued)...

(i.e. remove the errant backquote)

If you need an editor that can handle large files, try something like vim.

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