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I am trying to parse out pieces of a url string for comparison in Flex. I am really new to flex so just going to write what I want to do not sure if this code would be valid.

// urlone:
// urltwo:
public function compareURLHost(urlone:String,urltwo:String):Boolean
   var displayURL:URL = URL(urlone);
   var compareURL:URL = URL(urltwo);

   // compare to
   if(displauURL.hostname == compareURL.hostname)
      return true;

   return false;
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I think you're looking for URLUtils. You can get the port, hostname, serverName, etc.

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URLUtils can help, but they're not always what you need. For example, I had a project where I needed to remove a single directory from a url. It may sound dumb, but the client wanted their publicly viewable XML file to not show actual URLs and that was their solution. In that case, I did:

var url:String = ""
url = url.slice(url.indexOf('dir1'),5); //the four chars of the url + "/"
trace (url); //

You can also use String.replace to replace a set of characters with another set (say if my client had wanted to hide the url by swapping calling dir1 dir5 in the url)

var url:String = ""
var patten:RegExp = /dir5/;
trace (url); // 
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