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In the WebBrowser there is this page ( and there is the "destinationCity" ComboBox. In VB.NET I use:

Dim DestinationComboBox As HtmlElement = MainWebBrowser.Document.All.Item("destinationCity")
DestinationComboBox.SetAttribute("selectedindex", 1)

to change the ComboBox selectedIndex, but in Silverlight (in this WebBrowser) there's only the InvokeScript function.. How can I change the selectedIndex using InvokeScript()? I've tried

InvokeScript("eval", "document.getElementById('destinationCity').selectedindex = 4")

But it doesn't work.. Help please!

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If you use Chrome Developer Tools, or FireBug to execute the following JavaScript against the given page, you will find that it does not work in a desktop browser:

document.getElementById('destinationCity').selectedindex = 4

JavaScript, and the selectedIndex property are case sensitive. The following works:

document.getElementById('destinationCity').selectedIndex = 4
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What is the difference between your two examples? And how can I let the code works in my app? – Androyx Aug 30 '12 at 9:57
Solved, I used "selectedIndex", instead of "selectedindex" and it works perfectly! Thanks a lot! (Maybe you have to correct your answer) – Androyx Aug 30 '12 at 10:03

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